Coin Master Tips and Tricks 2022 – Earn coins and unlimited Spins

Coin Master Tips and Tricks

Coin master is one of those mobile games that keep you hooked when playing and excited to play when not playing. It was released ten years ago and is still in business due to its marketing strategy, business plan, celebrity endorsements, and news updates. It engages the audience by a village setup, in which you have to unlock different components to proceed to the next level. In this article, we are going to discuss Coin Master Tips and Tricks.

Once you are in a new setting, you have challenges to do and new components to unlock. It is fascinating and keeps the player hooked to the game.

Coin Master Tips and Tricks
Coin Master Tips and Tricks.

Coin Master Tips & Tricks 2022

Even though this game doesn’t have advanced features like video games, it is still one of the top-grossing games with a vast community of players.

Players excel by using tricks that help them play better and level up. Some commonly used Coin Master game playing tips and tricks are:

How to generate more Coins from Spins?

Spins are the best way to unlock achievements and multiply your gains by up to 50 times. There are five spins offered per hour, and each spin provides different rewards. You can multiply the profits by 2 or 3 times, even after playing the game.

During an event, the gain can be multiplied up to 50 times. The Coin Master tricks for spins are using spin generator apps; unlike popular belief, generators don’t hack into your device, but they help you win. Having your device play for rather than manually actually influences the winning streaks.

As Coin master has a virtual slot machine, the reward you get is based on your luck. The Coin Master trick for spins is to accumulate spins for many hours and not use them hourly.

In this way, you can win multiple rewards to upgrade your village and even raid other’s villages. Five spins per hour give you average coins. You can amplify the results by accumulating spins and using them at once.

Keep Your Pet Active

When you clear the fourth village coin master allows you to keep pets, which have their particular skills; they can be either of three:

Helps you in the raid by digging holes and gives you a raid reward

Blocks attack on your village in a better way as compared to shields

Help take the tips that might be blocked by guards during a raid

You can use only one pet at a time, and they use food to stay active. You can buy the food from the shop available in the game, but you can also win their food in different events or slot machine spin.

The Coin Master trick is to wait for the event as the pet lies dormant or goes to sleep. When you participate in events to win food, if you can’t buy it, you can surge up the power and increase their skills.

Activate Ghost Mode to Protect your Village

Raiding another player’s village is the best way to increase your gold and get other rewards as well. But no one wants to get attacked, especially when you don’t have a proper defense or hoarding gold for events.

Getting raid in any way is a pretty bad thing for your progress in-game. You can avoid being attacked by increasing defenses and using shields.

There is also a Coin Master Trick to activate Ghost Mode on your game, the game developers do not recognize this mode, but you will know about it if you are a pro-player. I will tell you how to hide your village in Coin Master from enemies using Ghost Mode.

It will help you vanish, and your account won’t show up when searched, so you can’t be tracked. It helps you save your gold, especially when saving billions for an event or just protecting yourself from attack.

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You can activate the said mode by using the method given below

  • Close the game app on your mobile phone
  • Open the Facebook app
  • Open Settings of your account
  • In settings, open app and website
  • Open the apps connected with Facebook
  • Remove coin master from there by clicking on the remove button
  • Now, open Coin Master again
  • Now use the guest mode to log in instead of Facebook login
  • You have successfully activated Ghost Mode

Now you can play Coin Master without being afraid of raids. You can still see your friends on Facebook in this mode, but they can’t see you.

If you try to connect with them, you will get kicked out, so avoid doing that on the game. Also, you can turn it off by just clicking your Facebook to your game again.

Use Card Chests

In the Coin Master game, there are three different types of Chests-Wood, Gold, and Magical. You can open these chests and unlock cards. These cards give rewards like extra spins and other achievements.

You can buy these chests from the shop by in-app purchase. But if you don’t want to do that, there are some game tips and tricks to get wardrobes. You can win them in a raid if you get lucky.

The Coin Master Tip is to upgrade your village when you win it and collect some gold. Then buy wood chests to unlock some cards.

Once you have opened the full deck, you can start winning rewards through them. It is better to purchase a wood chest first, and when you start getting duplicate cards, you can save up and buy other bins.

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Other Coin Master Tips and Tricks

  • Take advantage of events: In this Coin Master Trick, you can unlock many rewards through machine slots, it is still better to participate in events. It can help you achieve things in bulk, and chances to win become maximum
  • Grab the daily bonus: Logging in every day and accepting a daily prize is an important tip. This Coin Master Tip will unlock your daily spins and rewards and will keep you active in-game
  • Don’t hoard your gold: If you have started playing this game, you can start by stocking gold to make purchases. But if you have a lot of gold piled up, you will lose it all together if your village gets raided. You can use the Coin Master trick of Ghost Mode and avoid getting raid. You can also make purchases from the store to upgrade your town.

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With these Coin Master Tips and Tricks, you can upgrade your village and make it protected. You can also become a pro player by using some easy tips and tricks explained in the article. Good Gaming!!